We are a company dedicated to Industrial brushes manufacturing

We are a company dedicated to Industrial brushes manufacturing. Some sectors of the industry we provide for are: Cleaning Companies, Metallurgical Industry, Agro industry, Automotive, Food, Mining, Wood, Laboratories, etc.

One of our specialties is manufacturing and repair of brushes for sweeping machines.

We have broad experience on this type of brushes providing all brands in the market, from manual sweepers, compact sweepers to truck mounted sweepers.

Our greatest advantage is the recovery of used bases to reduce process costs.

With broad variety of bristles of different calibers and colors to fulfill your needs.

  • Wavy steel wire brushes
    Ideal for first sweep, for roads in
    repair or pavemented.
  • Plastic filament brushes
    Ideal for sand sweep, leaves or as a
    second sweep on any surface.
  • Mixed brushes (Steel wire and plastic)
    Ideal for loose gravel sweep
    a professional brush.